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Every experience is bought to life with the New Zealand story. As an Island nation this story has indigenous origins and begins with Maui fishing up the North Island, and imposing principles of care and responsibility which remain today. We have adopted these intrinsic Maori values of Kaitiaki (caring for the environment), Manaaki (welcoming, looking after and caring for people) and Mana (responsibility, influence, authority, honour) and live by them. To anchor these stories and values we have chosen four pillars on which we shape these experiences to reflect our unique nature, culture, people and place.

These experiences are enhanced by luxury lodgings, exclusive travel options, stellar cuisine and luxurious pampering in silica spa’s and at the hands of our world famous Maori Mirimiri (spiritual massage) healer. But most important of all are our cultural storytellers. We have some of the worlds best private guides who come from all walks of life and will personally share our bespoke experiences with you.


Aotearoa~  New Zealand

The Story of New Zealand

The vast open landscapes carved by fire and ice over the eons inspire an adventurous spirit and an openness of character that defines the New Zealander.
Put your feet on the ground and enjoy our natural heartland and the magical wonders of this land apart.
When people talk about New Zealand it is with reverence for the un-spoilt rivers, lakes, rainforests and white sandy beaches. The forested flanks of majestic mountains reach down to the sea, while the green undulating farmlands carved from primal forests tattoo the land.
A country synonymous with water and outdoor activities, seafarers have long been attracted to New Zealand’s unspoilt, beautiful shores. Across the two islands there is more than 15,000 kms of coastline to explore with safe havens at anchorages deep in the fiords or deserted coves, with forests and rivers framing the landscape.


People & Culture

He aha te mea nui o tea o, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata ~ If you asked me what is the most important thing in the world: I would answer it is people, it is people, it is people.

This ancient whakatauki (proverb) speaks of the sanctity of humankind and likens man to the central shoot of the Harakeke (flax) bush.

Manaakitanga – the Maori way of relating, doing and inhabiting the world is increasingly being seen as a template of how people could and should interact with each other.

Maori believe that all things, the physical and the spiritual are inextricably interwoven. There is no separation between the land and ocean, forest and rivers, man and sky. It is this ethos that evokes a living land named for ancestors. We identify ourselves with the saying “I am my mountain it is my ancestor, therefore it identifies who I am.” This belief is crucial in concepts like Kaitiakitanga – guardianship and sets Maori culture apart and provides some of the greatest cultural stories and experiences you will encounter anywhere.




New Zealand’s stunning natural heritage inspires pure luxury and premium experiences.

Spectacular peaks, crystal-clear lakes, endless coastline, deep blue sea, volcanic marvels, secluded islands and untouched native forest accentuate New Zealand’s luxury experiences. Nature and unique wildlife create New Zealand’s spectacular wilderness adventures.

Maori believe nature is an animate thing and the physical and spiritual are inextricably interwoven and the land is life itself. This crucial concept has led to adoption of Kaitiakitanga principles which means almost one-third of the land has been set aside in national parks, reserves and heritage sites to preserve the country’s ecological heritage – a pristine panorama of ancient forests, landforms, rare birds and creatures that have survived since prehistoric times. Many of these endangered species now live on predator free off shore or inland reserves.

New Zealand’s serpentine coastline offers numerous diving and snorkelling locations that range from the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary, which safeguards a vast area in the Pacific, to coastal gems on three main islands and the Subantarctic Islands in the southern ocean. Our most loved marine reserves are easily accessible to visitors.


About us

New Zealand Luxury Experiences are proud of their Maori and New Zealand heritage.

This is strongly reflected in their creative style and the many ways they find to connect with strangers who often become lifelong friends.

They are proud to be owners of the only dedicated superyacht luxury tour company in New Zealand, something they have been doing for many years. The essence of New Zealand Luxury Experiences is that people are the most important thing of all, along with creativity, authenticity, inspiring, and enchanting experiences and the fierce protection of privacy.

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